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Schulke Mikrozid Universal Premium wipes 100 pcs.
Schulke Mikrozid Universal Premium wipes 100 pcs.Manufacturer : SchulkeMikrozid Universal Premium wipes are wipes for disinfection andcleaning of medical devices.Mikrozid Universal Premium are ready-to-use ethanol-based wipes for quick, topical, hygienic disinfection of medical devices and worktops. The product, thanks to its large surface of 20 x 20 cm when unfolded, can be easily used for wiping medical equipment or specialist equipment, e.g. ultrasound probe heads, touch screens, monitors and tablets.The wipes have been soaked in an ethanol-based formulation that shows
Features :     ◉ bacteriostatic     ◉ bactericidal     ◉ fungicidal     ◉ virucidal     ◉ anti-sweat     ◉ astringent     ◉ hemostaticApplication :for cleaning washing and disinfection:     ◉ couches     ◉ dental chairs     ◉ units     ◉ cosmetic tables     ◉ treatment chairs     ◉ monitors     ◉ Keyboard     ◉ furniture     ◉ worktops