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189 UV Hybrid Semilac Tuna Voyage 7ml
  • 189 UV Hybrid Semilac Tuna Voyage 7ml
  • 189 UV Hybrid Semilac Tuna Voyage 7ml

189 UV Hybrid Semilac Tuna Voyage 7ml

VAT included
  • Burgundy

Semilac nail polish combines uv gel and nail polish. The highest quality among hybrid varnishes. Number one among varnishes, high quality.
Characteristics: Gently whitened and extinguished, very elegant shade of ripe cherry.
Color coverage: full .

 189 UV Hybrid Semilac Tuna Voyage 7ml

Capacity: 7 ml
Brand : Semilac .

Semilac hybrid varnish has UV-gel properties, therefore it is necessary to have a UV or LED lamp. Semilac hybrid varnish is applied as a regular varnish the difference is that it must be hardened in a UV lamp or Led. This guarantees long-lasting manicure for up to 3 weeks.

Note: the color is highly pigmented. We recommend lengthening the curing time and applying thin layers. The second layer enhances the color depth


Degrease nails with Semilac cleaner. Apply a thin layer of Semilac hybrid varnish to the hardened layer of Semilac Base and then use a UV or Led lamp. Do not apply directly to the nail plate. Finish the styling by applying and hardening Semilac Top.

Don't  forget about it:

* Nail cleaner .

* Semilac color.

* Primer.

* Base and Top.

* UV or LED lamp.

* Cotton pads .

* Nail accessories.

Semilac is an excellent choice for every woman who appreciates beautiful and well-groomed nails. Semilac is a leader in the hybrid varnish industry.

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