EASY FIBER GEL Sparkle Pink 15ml Victoria Vynn
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EASY FIBER GEL Sparkle Pink 15ml Victoria Vynn

EASY FIBER GEL Sparkle Pink 15ml Victoria Vynn

A building gel with shimmering particles in a shade of whitened pink. Available in two capacities.

Three-phase gel for extending and building gel nails and strengthening the natural nail plate. The consistency of the gel is stable and self-leveling.

Thanks to its advanced formula containing a high concentration of glass microfibers, it creates a cross-linked structure that increases the durability of the styling. It enables easy extension and modeling of the shape of natural nails, as well as work with the use of templates, tips and dual forms. Provides nails with high resistance to fractures and cracks. The gel does not react to the ambient temperature, and its stable, plastic consistency allows for control during operation. The product's properties make it easier to create gel-like, but thin and natural styling.
Hardened in a UV and LED lamp.


     ◉ System type – 3-phase: base, gel, top
     ◉ Consistency: stable, plastic, self-leveling
     ◉ Tile type: any
     ◉ Application: building gel nails, strengthening the natural nail plate
     ◉ Superstructure: yes
     ◉ Root replacement: yes
     ◉ Dispersion layer: yes

€12.50 (VAT incl.) €12.50 (VAT excl.)
VAT included


     ◉ Formula with a high concentration of glass microfibers (fiber glass)
     ◉ Strengthening the natural nail plate
     ◉ Easy nail extension and modeling
     ◉ High resistance to breaks and cracks
     ◉ For working on templates, tips and dual forms
     ◉ Colors with subtly shiny particles
     ◉ Unusual styling effect without the use of hybrid color
     ◉ Perfect for the no-sawing, One Drop method

Lamp type:

     LED 36-48 W, curing time: 60 s
     UV 36 W, curing time 120 s


     file, milling machine

EASY FIBER GEL available in two capacities - 15 and 50 ml.

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