Claresa GEL POLISH Pastel Glam 4 - 5g
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Claresa GEL POLISH Pastel Glam 4 - 5g

Claresa GEL POLISH Pastel Glam 4 - 5g

Few things make us as happy after a long winter as the first spots of color against the background of gray earth and melting snow. Pastel Glam 4 is a light purple, similar to the color of crocus petals.

Bloom with all the colors of spring with the Pastel Glam hybrid nail polish collection! 7 pastel shades of pink, orange, purple, blue and green create a charming rainbow that will wake you up even from the deepest winter sleep. Pearl pigment and subtle particles add sweetness to the colors and will help you add a bit of spring madness to your everyday styling. Get to know our pastel new products with the #lipgloss effect.


     ◉ Seamless application, no flooding of skins
     ◉ intense shine
     ◉ ideal, medium density
     ◉ safe for nails and hands
     ◉ durability up to 3 weeks
     ◉ Capacity: 5g

€5.99 (VAT incl.) €5.99 (VAT excl.)
VAT included


Apply a thin layer of colored hybrid varnish on the previously cured Claresa hybrid base and cure it in the UV / LED lamp. In order to achieve a satisfactory effect, you can repeat the action. Secure the styling by applying and curing TOP Clares.


     ◉ UV LED lamp 6 W – 2 x 45 sec.
     ◉ UV LED lamp 9 W – 2 x 45 sec.
     ◉ UV LED lamp 48 W – 30 sec.
     ◉ UV LED lamp 60 W – 15 sec.
     ◉ UV lamp 36 W – 120 sec.

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