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Semilac Top No Wipe  7 Ml
  • Semilac Top No Wipe  7 Ml

Semilac Top No Wipe 7 Ml

VAT included

Top No Wipe Semilac: it's a Top that does not require washing the dispersion layer of hybrid varnish, protects against scratches and fading, and at the same time gives shine to the nails. I keep hybrid varnish for up to 3 weeks. It provides long-lasting stylization and guarantees good adhesion of the hybrid varnish. It is colorless and with a very high gloss.

Semilac Top No Wipe - 7 ml

It is a very popular top and liked by nail stylists.

Before applying the base, the nail plate should be matted and degreased, and Primer Semilac should be applied if necessary so that the lacquer will stick better to the nail plate. Apply base on nails and cure in UV / Led lamp. It does not leave a sticky dispersion layer

Capacity: 7ml

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