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Repair Base Clear 11 ml
  • Repair Base Clear 11 ml

Repair Base Clear 11 ml

VAT included

Repair Base:

1. Extends the nail to 5 mm.
2. Base for special tasks.
3. Zero announcements, durability up to 4 weeks.
4. Awards: Best Product of the Year Beauty Adwards and Female Brand of the Year

Repair Base Clear 11 ml

Volume : 11 ml

Brand : NC Company

It is very plastic, and at the same time hard and adequately resistant to damage than traditional hybrid bases. Thanks to the innovative Repair Base formula, it extends the natural plate up to 5 mm. In addition, it is a universal product, it can be used as a base for gels.

    * Perfect for prolongation and reconstruction of a natural tile.
    * It is very easy to develop (extremely flexible, does not crack)
    * A properly selected brush guarantees a comfortable application.
    * Does not soften under the influence of water.
    * It will speed up the work - just put a top on it - and it's ready!
    * It can also be applied with pollen and hybrid varnishes.
    * Beautiful delicate darkened color, perfectly replace the shades of nude.

Advantages of the Repair Base:

    * for extending a natural tile up to 5 mm
    * applied directly to the etched tile with a Primer (acid) or Primer Acid Free (acid-free) preparation
    * to protect the nail forming the C curve
    * cured in a UV lamp (2 min), UV / LED (30s.), LED (30s.)

Don't forget about it :

* UV / LED lamp

* Nail cleaner

* Nail files and block

* Base coat

* Semilac colour

* Top coat

* Cotton pads

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