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Indigo Protein Base Removable 13ml
  • Indigo Protein Base Removable 13ml

Indigo Protein Base Removable 13ml

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Indigo Protein Base Removable 13ml

Poor, soft nails do not give you peace? The award-winning Indigo Protein Base will take this problem off your head once and for all! The proteins contained in it merge with the natural plate, immediately compensating for the defects. The revolutionary Indigo base also allows you to extend your nails or repair a broken nail, as well as shape the ideal curve C, even with the concave plate.

Base to the brim filled with proteins that revive and strengthen your plate. It starts to protect our nails automatically after putting your hand out of the lamp. It restores her healthy and radiant look
The delicate formula is 100% safe for a natural tile. The base protects the damaged plate against external factors and mechanical injuries.
Do you want the hybrid to stay on soft, flexible nails? Protein base stiffens nails and makes them hard and ultra durable.
The unique properties of the base allow for prolonging the nail bed, rebuilding the damaged tile, delicate C-curve enhancement and correction of nail plate unevenness. Thanks to its consistency, the Protein Base application is extremely simple.
The base is completely soluble in the Removera.
Thick consistency allows you to extend your nails by 3mm
Finally, you can wear long nails, which thanks to Protein grow stronger and do not split out!

Thousands of delighted customers and a list of prestigious prizes (ie the title of Qlt Cosmetic 2018) can not lie. Convince yourself and immediately reach for the new version of the database with a capacity of 13ml!

Capacity: 13ml

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