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Semilac  Flash Galaxy Purple&Rosa 665
  • Semilac  Flash Galaxy Purple&Rosa 665

Semilac Flash Galaxy Purple&Rosa 665

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  • Pink

Semilac Flash Galaxy Purple&Rosa 665  -has shades of pink and purple in it, decide for yourself which color prevails, I can not judge it! Nail polishes will colorfully enrich any colorful stylization. However, we propose something more - thanks to Semilac Flash Galaxy, your manicure will take on a cosmic dimension! It's not just shining - it's the whole galaxy painted on your nails.

Semilac  Flash Galaxy Purple&Rosa  665

Use Flash Galaxy as an effective element of stylization, or cover the whole nail and cover with a multidimensional glow. Everything depends on your creativity, and whatever you create - it will dazzle everyone! Semilac Flash Galaxy nail polishes are easy to use. Get inspired by their magical cosmic colors. To obtain the best shading effect, we recommend pollen application on 031 Semilac Black Diamond.

* easy to apply,
* each color of Semilac hybrid varnish can be a base,
* glossy with the Flash Galaxy effect

1. Make Semilac Base standard manicure -> 2x Color -> Top No Wipe.
2. On the hardened Top No Wipe, gently rub the pollen with the applicator.
3. Remove excess pollen with a brush, a roller or a brush with soft bristles.
4. Apply two layers of Top No Wipe and rub each time in the lamp

Semilac Flash Galaxy is pollen, thanks to which you get the effect of aurora or galactic clouds. Thanks to this your nails will look very original. You'll like the fact that the product is very easy to apply and extremely efficient.

Weight: 0.5 g
Shade: violet-pink shining.

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