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SEMILAC Flash Sunlight Effect Orange 674
  • SEMILAC Flash Sunlight Effect Orange 674

SEMILAC Flash Sunlight Effect Orange 674

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  • Orange

Semilac Flash Sunlight Effect Orange 674 - everywhere you are full? Are you willing to take on new tasks and challenges? A real orange is hidden in you! Awaken this vivid color by the sun, just after you leave the job! Improve your passions, get to know, and our Semilac Flash Sunlight Effect Orange 674 will keep up your pace!

SEMILAC Flash Sunlight Effect Orange 674

A change in the color of your nails, like when you touch a magic wand? Now it's possible! Surprise everyone with an original manicure that changes color under the influence of sunlight. This effect will be provided by the Sunlight Effect nail pollen, which applied on a bright hybrid varnish, under the influence of sunlight causes an immediate change in color. It's great fun to watch how your nails change their shade, after a while, return to the previous color. This causes UV radiation that activates the pigments contained in the pollen. After applying on the nails, the pollen is completely invisible. It shows its properties only after exposure to solar / UV radiation. Pollen has a slightly moist consistency, they do not dust, which makes the application easier. Surprise everyone with nails that change color, like a chameleon. It's great fun!

Flash Sunlight Effect application:

1) Make the standard Semilac Base hybrid manicure -> 2x Color (light shade) -> Top with dispersion layer
2) On the hardened Top (do not remove viscous dispersion) sprinkle evenly with Sunlight Effect Flash pollen
3) Rub the pollen evenly with the tip of your finger into the nail plate. Precision is important not to create streaks and clearances.
4) Apply the classic hybrid Top to protect pollen against wiping.
5) Observe how the color of your nails changes under the influence of UV radiation. You can carry out the test by putting your hands into the UV lamp.

Colour: Orange 674 (base light cream, after orange change)
Weight: 1g

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