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SEMILAC Flash Neon Effect Yellow 676
  • SEMILAC Flash Neon Effect Yellow 676

SEMILAC Flash Neon Effect Yellow 676

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  • Yellow

A sharp, severely yellow color will best inform your surroundings about the strength of your energy. In this clear way you will let your manicure know that everyone should be on guard! WARNING! If you do not want to go crazy - better avoid my eyes and colored claw - I can scratch!

SEMILAC Flash Neon Effect Yellow 676

A classic manicure is not enough for you anymore? Would you like your nails to look unique and unique? Semilac Flash nail polishes will help transform a simple manicure into a unique work of art. Add a claw to your styling, enhance the wow effect! Use for this pollen, which after application will leave on your nails a juicy, neon color. Playing with colors and finishes is currently the trendiest trend in nail stylization. Discover the surroundings with a manicure that catches the eye. Give yourself a neon richness of color, thanks to Flash Neon Effect pollen.

Polils Semilac Flash Neon Effect is an absolute novelty in the Semilac offer.

Polygon Flash Neon Effect application:

1) Make Semilac Base standard hybrid manicure -> 2x Color -> Top with a dispersion layer
2) On the hardened Top (do not remove the viscous dispersion layer) sprinkle with plenty of Flash Neon Effect pollen. Gently pat him with your finger. Repeat the operation.
3) Remove excess pollen with a brush, a brush or a brush with soft bristles.
4) Finish and secure the styling by applying the top. Unpick the lamp. Do not forget to secure the free edge of your nails.

Color: Yellow 676 (neon yellow)

Weight : 2g

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