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Semilac SemiFlash Flash Holo Silver 690
  • Semilac SemiFlash Flash Holo Silver 690

Semilac SemiFlash Flash Holo Silver 690

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  • Silver

Nail pollen  Semilac Flash Holo is a guarantee of easy and effective manicure. This cosmetic will make your makeup look great thanks to the spectacular glare and amazing holo effect. Holo Silver color shimmers with beautiful silver that looks amazing on nails. Ideally suited for any manicure, especially for pollen patches.

Semilac SemiFlash Flash Holo Silver 690 

 Pure silver hybrid pollinate blushes sparkle in many colors as a holo effect. Semilac Flash Holo will gladly enter into a sincere relationship with products with a dispersion layer and without it.

    * easy to apply,
    * each color of Semilac hybrid varnish can be a base,
    * blue shining with a holo effect.

1. Make Semilac Base standard manicure -> 2x Color -> Top No Wipe.
2. On the hardened Top No Wipe, gently rub the pollen with the applicator.
3. Remove excess pollen with a brush, a roller or a brush with soft bristles.
4. Apply two layers of Top No Wipe and rub each time in the lamp

It's easy - especially when it comes to Semilac Flash Holo pollen! What is important - all Semilac hybrid varnishes can be the base color for your stylization with pollen! In addition, you will not need professional tools - pollen on the fingernails just fall off.

Weight: 0.2 g
Shade: pure silver with a holo effect.

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