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03 Semilac  Spider Gum silver
  • 03 Semilac  Spider Gum silver

03 Semilac Spider Gum silver

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  • Silver

Spider gum is dense, easily adheres to the nail plate, does not melt or shrink. You can create a thin line with it without gaps. A characteristic feature of these gels is their thick rubber consistency and very good pigmentation. The consistency resembles chewing gum.

03 Semilac  Spider Gum silver

Spider Gum gels are closed in the classic diamond-shaped jars for Semilac. It can be used with a wooden stick, brush or Dotting tool.

How to use Semilac Spider Gum?

We dip the tip of the Dotting Tool in the selected color and move it upwards so that the product stretches. We put the resulting strand in any place and repeat the action. During the application, we can change the shapes of lines, create geometric forms or fluid patterns. The more gel we take or the further we move it away, the thicker or thinner the line will be.

Semilac Spider Gum gel can be applied to the hybrid varnish, UV gel or acrylic on the top layer or under it.
Each decoration created with the use of Spider Gum is original and unique.
Curing time depending on the lamp:

UV LED 24W - 30 sec
UV LED 36W - 30 sec
UV LED 48 / 24W - 30 sec
UV 36W - 120 sec

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