Semilac Remover 125 ml
  • Semilac Remover 125 ml

Semilac Remover 125 ml

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Semilac Remover 125 ml

Acetone Semilac is used to remove hybrid varnish from nails. To remove the hybrid varnish, file the top layer of varnish, soak the swab with acetone and wrap it with aluminum foil. Leave for 8-10 minutes and so soaked varnish can be easily removed from the nail plate.

A specialized liquid for removing hybrid varnish. The innovative formula was designed to protect the natural nail plate. Lanolin contained in it provides adequate hydration and protects against drying of the nails and cuticles.

Semilac Remover 125 ml 

The convenient bottle that is used ensures proper dispensing of the product, as well as its safe storage. The liquid removes the hybrid varnish in an extremely fast way, without the need to repeat this action. It is a product that must be found in every beauty salon.

Remover - remover for hybrid varnish.
The preparation was created to remove Semilac, Shellac, IBD manicures and other hybrid or gel nails.
Enriched with lanolin.
Semilac Remover very effectively removes varnish, it is more delicate than Semilac acetyl, lanolin contained in it protects the nail plate from excessive drying.

How to use: to remove the hybrid varnish, lightly coat the top layer of varnish, then wet the swabs in acetone and apply to the nail plate, wrap the whole, using aluminum foil, leave for 5-10 minutes, remove the swabs, and the rest of the hybrid varnish can be remove with a wooden manicure stick. Use in well-ventilated rooms

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