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File by Paulina Pastuszak Aba Group 150/180 5 psc
  • File by Paulina Pastuszak Aba Group 150/180 5 psc

File by Paulina Pastuszak Aba Group 150/180 5 psc

VAT included

Aba Group WINGS 150/180 SLIM disposable nail file dedicated to hard-to-reach places and for professional use. The file is designed for natural and artificial nails, with gel and acrylic mass. Recommended for treatments that require effective and safe filing, shortening of nails, or for initial nail treatment.

SAFE PACKAGE File by Paulina Pastuszak Aba Group 150/180 5psc

Specially profiled file allowing to shape the nail plate in the desired shape.
Aba Group files are made of the highest quality raw materials for professional nail stylization.

* Easily models or shortens nails
* Adapts to their shape
* Double-sided file
* Durable, high quality material

The file gradation value informs how many abrasive grains there are on 1 cm2 of its surface. The fine-grained side (180 grains per 1 cm2) is recommended for modeling and matting of the nail plate, while the medium-grained (100 grains per 1 cm2) is used to shape the artificial, gel and acrylic nails.

Directions for use: It is recommended to saw the nail in one direction, with relatively long file strokes at a 45-degree angle. Perpendicular, multidirectional sawing causes the risk of delamination and brittleness of the nail plate.

Product specification:

Shape: WINGS
Gradation: 150/180
Thickness: SLIM
Version: Secure Package

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