Non-filament applicators 100 psc
  • Non-filament applicators 100 psc

Non-filament applicators 100 psc

VAT included

Non-filament applicators, the so-called microbrushes are a professional product used for cleaning eyelashes, removing excess glue as well as precise makeup and mascara removal.

The tip is covered with a special microfiber coating that does not absorb liquids, thus consuming less product.

Non-filament applicators will save time and costs. They are comfortable to use and pleasant to the touch. The special structure of the material leaves no fibrils. Working with applicators is pleasant and convenient. The applicators will allow for precise cleaning of eyelashes, and as a result their more accurate and lasting gluing.

    * for eyelash extensions - for eyelash application and removal,
    * washing with primer,
    * removing excess glue,
    * cleaning the penset,
    * for correction and removing make-up.
    * with cuticle bleeding for applying Racestyptine

The set contains 100 pieces in a more comfortable tube with a hole on the bottom.

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