Bottle Gel One Phase 15 ml
  • Bottle Gel One Phase 15 ml

Bottle Gel One Phase 15 ml

VAT included

Bottle Gel One Phase 15 ml Single-phase gel in a bottle for building and extending nails, completing styling, hardening the natural plate and repairing damaged nails.

* Quick and easy construction and nail extension with forms and tips,

* Hardening the natural nail plate,

* Supplementing the manicure in all light-cured nail styling systems: hybrid, builder gel, acrylic gel,

* Perfect smoothing of uneven nail plates,

* Applying the gel with a brush supplied directly from the bottle will shorten the operating time by 30%.

Volume: 15 ml

* durability, flexibility, hard gel resistance

* works great with the natural nail plate, does not break or crack

* application with a varnish brush directly from the bottle

* to be used in the method without sawing, "one drop"

* for lengthening and extending with shape correction

* without using the base

* shortens working time by 30%

* minimized baking effect

* acid-free, odorless

* self-leveling * colorless

* for UV / LED

* removed with a milling machine, file

* compatible with Mega Base, Build Gel, Master Gel

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