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Gift Card

Christmass Gift Card

1. Go to the store's website:
2. Log in to your account
3. In the window: Purchased gift cards
4. Write the Name for whom this card should be, Email and select the card
5. In the message you can write: birthday wish or from whom the gift is
6. Send to the selected person
7. The message will be sent to the selected person and he will receive a code in the email
8. Select products and add to the cart at the end of the order
9. Copy the selected code completely ( GiftCard_012345678AB ) and use as: promotional code
10. The amount for which the gift card is purchased will be deducted from the payment
11. We enjoy your shopping

Information from the store;  If the store page doesn't open automatically, you can copy and paste the link below into your browser :

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