One Shot Pedicure PHARM FOOT sachets  S.3
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One Shot Pedicure PHARM FOOT sachets S.3

One Shot Pedicure - One-shot multi-treatment pedicure in sachets PHARM FOOT 

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Product for professional use.

A comprehensive foot care treatment. The kit contains effective preparations based on active ingredients, incl. urea, colostrum, microsilver and ozonated olive oil. Recommended for cracked heels and skin calluses. Helpful in softening and cleaning the peri-nail area. It will allow you to safely take care of the healthy appearance of the skin of the feet. Perfect for pedicure and nail styling. Also recommended for diabetics.

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VAT included

Description of the procedure:

1. Keratosis exTerminator

Apply Keratosis exTerminator gel to clean and dry skin of the feet in place of the treatment and leave it under occlusion for 3 to 15 minutes, depending on the degree of callus.

2. Point Softener

During this time, shorten the nails and soften the peri-nail area with the Point Softener fluid. Clean nail shafts from calluses and impurities.

Remove excess Keratosis exTerminator gel with a dry towel or spatula. Process the leather with a grater or milling machine. Rinse feet.

3. Cracked Heel Protector

Apply Cracked Heel Protector ointment to the heels and re-occlude. Leave it for the duration of the nail stylization.

4. Nutri reGenerator

When styling nails with hybrid varnish, massage with Nutri reGenerator cream. When styling with classic nail polish, you can give the client a sachet for use at home.

5. Silver Booster

As a supplement to the treatment, apply the Silver Booster plaster to the area around the nails. The preparation can be used on any type of nail styling.

Capacity: 3 x 5ml and 2 x 3ml

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