013 Bit  Semilac ball
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013 Bit Semilac ball

013 Bit  Semilac ball

A professional diamond milling cutter will enable the perfect preparation of cuticles and smoothing of the periungual shafts. A very durable, abrasion-resistant coating guarantees an extended life of the cutter.

The ball-shaped cutter is intended for the preparation of cuticles and smoothing the periungual shafts. Perfect for a pincer-free manicure and pedicure. It shortens the working time thanks to the possibility of performing two-sided movements. Intended for disinfection and sterilization in a cosmetic autoclave. Dedicated to professional nail stylists.

Benefits of using a ball-shaped cutter:

Perfect for developing cuticles and smoothing periungual shafts

· Extended lifetime of the cutter thanks to the abrasion-resistant coating

· Speeds up work time

Perfect for nippers and pedicures

· Designed for disinfection and autoclaving

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