Gel Polish Color No. 055 Silver Cristal 8ml VICTORIA VYNN
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Gel Polish Color No. 055 Silver Cristal 8ml VICTORIA VYNN

Gel Polish Color No.  8ml VICTORIA VYNN

COLOR :  The Silver Cristal color is filled with thousands of silver, glitter particles.

Gel Polish Color are hybrid varnishes for use in two types of styling: Easy Removal and SOAK OFF. One color palette, two types of styling. A wide selection of over 250 colors: classic enamels, pearls, glitters, pastels, neon lights, semi-transparent.


     ◉ Two thin layers provide perfect coverage and color depth
     ◉ Medium-thick consistency
     ◉ Does not run off and does not flood the cuticles
     ◉ It has self-leveling properties
     ◉ Perfect adhesion to the base
     ◉ Large selection of shades and effects
     ◉ A flat, classic brush
   Curing time :

LED 30-60 sec,
UV - 120 sec,

Capacity : 8ml

€9.00 (VAT incl.) €9.00 (VAT excl.)
VAT included

Gel Polish application :

     ◉ Prepare the natural nail plate: shape it, slightly matt it, clean it and degrease it.
     ◉ Apply Tape Bond and wait about 30 seconds.*
     ◉ Apply a layer of Gel Polish Base Soak Off, cure 30-60 seconds.
     ◉ Apply 2 layers of Gel Polish Color, cure each of them for 30-60 seconds.
     ◉ Apply Gel Polish Top Soak Off and cure for 60 seconds.
     ◉ Wipe the styling with the alcohol-based Cleaner Finish Manicure.

     ◉ In the case of a difficult plate, use Acid Primer.

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