Victoria Vynn Nail Cleaner 1000 ml
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Victoria Vynn Nail Cleaner 1000 ml

Victoria Vynn Nail Cleaner 1000 ml

Victoria Vynn nail cleaner is a liquid for washing and degreasing nail plates. It is a product indispensable when making a hybrid manicure. Thanks to it, we can remove the dispersion layer (viscous) created during hybrid hybrid curing. It is also a good disinfectant which makes the nail plate well-disinfected before applying the hybrid varnish.


     ◉ Leaves beautifully shiny nails,
     ◉ Does not dry the cuticles around the nails,
     ◉ Delicately perfumed, leaves a pleasant scent,
     ◉ Has antibacterial and antifungal properties,
     ◉ It washes well and removes the sticky dispersion layer,
Directions for use :

Apply the right amount of liquid on a dust-free cotton swab and thoroughly rinse the styling.

Capacity : 1000ml

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