Aba Group metal foot grater with purple handle
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Aba Group metal foot grater with purple handle

Aba Group metal foot grater with purple handle

Product details

Aba Group metal foot grater carrier. Suitable for both dry and wet work. It has a sturdy handle made of stainless steel. For the grater we use self-adhesive and disposable abrasive pads with different grades of coating. Properly shaped handle will provide the highest comfort of work.
The product has one disposable grinding pad. Designed specifically for the carrier of a metal pedicure grater. Waterproof paper and strong glue guarantee high working comfort. The self-adhesive pad will not peel off, and will not move during operation. Grain grade provides quick removal of tough keratinized skin.

Directions for use:
Peel off the protective paper from the pad, attach with adhesive to a dry and clean grater handle. When finished, peel off and discard the grinding pad. Remove adhesive residue with acetone-based liquid. Sterilize the handle of the grater.

The product includes only one additional pad.

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