Claresa Top No Wipe Glitter Blue  - 5 g
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Claresa Top No Wipe Glitter Blue - 5 g

Claresa Top No Wipe Glitter Blue  - 5 g

Turns manicure into sparkling dragonfly wings.

For those who want a bit of magic.

COLOR : Transparent with blue dust.

Hybrid top with blue glitter dust


     ◉ at the end of styling
     ◉ top coat

A medium-thick, glittery top with blue particles for a hybrid manicure is a way to effectively decorate your nails in a few moments. The particles will sparkle phenomenally in different types of light, the effect will be stunning. Reach for Top no wipe glitter blue and delight. Apply the top on any hybrid polish and play with colors. The styling finished with this top is both a proposal for an elegant evening and everyday styling.

Apply the no wipe top coat on the last layer of hybrid varnish and cure it in a UV / LED lamp. It is designed to extend the durability of the manicure. Thanks to it, your styling will be resistant to damage from the outside. You can enjoy a beautiful manicure for a long time.

Top no wipe - does not require cleaning with Cleaner.

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