PALU - Hybrid Varnish PASTEL SYDNEY M6 -11g
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PALU - Hybrid Varnish PASTEL SYDNEY M6 -11g

PALU - Hybrid Varnish PASTEL SYDNEY M6 -11g

The Sydney collection is a study of subtle contrasts between warm and cool pastels. It surprises with its lightness and alluring sweetness, evoking the summer sun.

Will you be tempted? Dreaming of candy nails?
Pastel colors are the ones you choose most often in the summer?
If YES, then we have a special Sydney collection for you. Beautiful pastel colors will give you a manicure like from a fairy tale
Choose one of them or mix them freely to create real works of art. Today we have something for fans of pastel blues and purples.

The product is intended for professional use.

     ◉ opacity after 1-2 layers
     ◉ easy application
     ◉ intense shine
     ◉ consistency: medium-thick
     ◉ durability up to 3 weeks
     ◉ Capacity: 11g

Usage :

Apply a thin layer of colored hybrid varnish on the previously cured PALU hybrid base and cure it in a UV / LED lamp.

In order to achieve a satisfactory effect, the operation can be repeated. Secure the styling by applying and curing TOP Palu.

Curing time :

UV/LED lamp 6 W - 2 x 45 sec.
UV/LED lamp 9 W - 2 x 45sec.
UV/LED lamp 48 W - 30 sec.
UV/LED lamp 60 W - 15 sec.

Capacity : 11g

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