Claresa Extend Care 5in1 Provita 1 - 5g
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Claresa Extend Care 5in1 Provita 1 - 5g

Claresa Extend Care 5in1 Provita 1 - 5g

     ◉ contains vitamin E, biotin and calcium
     ◉ contains valuable oils: rose seed and corn
     ◉ contains horse chestnut extract
     ◉ gives the look of a natural manicure
     ◉ evens out the color
     ◉ possible extension of the nail up to 1 cm


Use as a standard hybrid base.

Depending on the condition of the nail, spread 1 or 2 layers of the base on the plate and cure each of them for 30-60 seconds. in a LED/UV lamp.

Strong and healthy nails with a natural look?
With the Provita base, this is a guaranteed effect.
4 natural-looking colors and 1 transparent is a vitamin proposition for your nails.

It will also be perfect on its own as a ready-made color for nails. Then it allows you to get a natural effect, and the styling does not require the use of a top.
Color - four shades to choose from + transparent: #1, #2, #3, #4, #5.
Possible nail extension up to 1 cm

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