Wooden manicure sticks 114 mm Victoria Vynn - 100 pcs
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Wooden manicure sticks 114 mm Victoria Vynn - 100 pcs

Wooden manicure sticks 114 mm Victoria Vynn - 100 pcs 

Wooden sticks are a universal tool and are useful during manicure and pedicure treatments.

Two different tips are used to move the cuticles away, as well as to correct imperfections during the application of varnishes or gels.

Disposable manicure sticks are a great alternative to a metal hoof. Their choice guarantees occupational hygiene, even if you do not have access to an autoclave.

    Orange tree sticks.

     ◉ on one side: in the form of a spatula that allows you to push back the cuticles
     ◉ on the other side: in the form of a cone for cleaning the surface under the nail, nail shaft or removing cuticle residue

The product is available in a package of 100 pcs

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The proof that small, inconspicuous things can be extremely functional are wooden sticks for nails from the VICTORIA VYNN offer. You can use them both during manicures and pedicures. They are useful both when cleaning nails and when working on cuticles or applying precise patterns to the nail. But that's not all, of course. Read for yourself what this small object can do and fall in love with it as much as we do!
Nail stick - a small thing with great possibilities
What are the use of disposable wooden sticks for VICTORIA VYNN manicure? Before we answer this question, let's point out that their construction consists of two independent endings. The first of them has the form of a practical spatula, and the second - a comfortable, sharpened cone. Thanks to this combination, the sticks can be used in many ways:

     ◉ for cleaning the surface under the nail plate extending beyond the fingertip;
     ◉ to push away the cuticles around the nails;
     ◉ for removing hybrid or gel stylizations;
     ◉ for the preparation of the periungual fold;
     ◉ to correct imperfections caused during the application of any type of varnish;
     ◉ for creating precise decorations;
     ◉ for applying decorative elements.

Disposable wooden nail sticks are much safer than tools made of steel. They are softer, so the risk of damaging the skin or the natural nail plate is significantly reduced. It is also important to emphasize that the VICTORIA VYNN products use wood with high softness and high durability.

Do you care about full hygiene of work with each client? You will certainly appreciate the fact that disposable, wooden manicure sticks are products at attractive prices that you throw away after each use. Thanks to this, you can be sure that stylizations are made in a completely safe way, even if you do not have a sterilizing autoclave tool in your salon.
Each package consists of manicure sticks in the amount of up to 100 pieces. The length of each of them is exactly 11.4 cm, making the product a very convenient accessory with which you can perform various, very precise manipulations. After each use, our nail stick made of wood should be thrown in the trash. It is not possible to use the same product twice, even after spraying it with disinfectant liquid. They are disposable products.

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