Claresa GEL POLISH French Time 3 - 5g
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Claresa GEL POLISH French Time 3 - 5g

Claresa GEL POLISH French Time 3 - 5g

You can now create a classic French manicure even easier with a range of 8 perfectly matched hybrid polishes!

Would you like a French manicure, but you don't know what color will best suit this styling?
Check out the color chart of our latest French Time collection and choose the perfect shade for yourself!

   ◉ Subtle, transparent colors
   ◉ Created for French and baby boomer styles
   ◉ Beautifully harmonizing shades with skin color
   ◉ Classic and shiny finish with particles


     ◉ Seamless application, no flooding of skins
     ◉ intense shine
     ◉ ideal, medium density
     ◉ safe for nails and hands
     ◉ durability up to 3 weeks
     ◉ Capacity: 5g


Apply a thin layer of colored hybrid varnish on the previously cured Claresa hybrid base and cure it in the UV / LED lamp. In order to achieve a satisfactory effect, you can repeat the action. Secure the styling by applying and curing TOP Clares.


     ◉ UV LED lamp 6 W – 2 x 45 sec.
     ◉ UV LED lamp 9 W – 2 x 45 sec.
     ◉ UV LED lamp 48 W – 30 sec.
     ◉ UV LED lamp 60 W – 15 sec.
     ◉ UV lamp 36 W – 120 sec.

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