PALU - Hybrid Varnish Buenos Aires BU8 - 11g
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PALU - Hybrid Varnish Buenos Aires BU8 - 11g

PALU - Hybrid Varnish Buenos Aires BU8 - 11g

Want to see something truly extraordinary? Floralis generica is a flower made of metal and aluminum that is an icon of Buenos Aires. However, this is no ordinary piece of metal in the shape of a tulip! During the day, it follows the sun and hides from the wind, perfectly imitating a real flower. Modern art - it can be something that will give you new energy and put you in an optimistic mood!

Impressive color of cold gold with a noble glitter glow. Shiny particles spread perfectly on the nail plate, creating a covering layer from the first application.

Color with glitter.

The product is intended for professional use.

     ◉ opacity after 1-2 layers
     ◉ easy application
     ◉ intense shine
     ◉ consistency: medium-thick
     ◉ durability up to 3 weeks
     ◉ Capacity: 11g

Usage :

Apply a thin layer of colored hybrid varnish on the previously cured PALU hybrid base and cure it in a UV / LED lamp.

In order to achieve a satisfactory effect, the operation can be repeated. Secure the styling by applying and curing TOP Palu.

Curing time :

UV/LED lamp 6 W - 2 x 45 sec.
UV/LED lamp 9 W - 2 x 45sec.
UV/LED lamp 48 W - 30 sec.
UV/LED lamp 60 W - 15 sec.

Capacity : 11g

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