Gel Polish Color No. 207 Dark Emerald 8ml VICTORIA VYNN
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Gel Polish Color No. 207 Dark Emerald 8ml VICTORIA VYNN

Gel Polish Color No. 207 Dark Emerald 8ml VICTORIA VYNN

COLOR : Emerald, very dark green bordering on Dark Emerald black is unique, so it will work in occasional stylizations.

Gel Polish Color are hybrid varnishes for use in two types of styling: Easy Removal and SOAK OFF. One color palette, two types of styling. A wide selection of over 250 colors: classic enamels, pearls, glitters, pastels, neon lights, semi-transparent.


     ◉ Two thin layers provide perfect coverage and color depth
     ◉ Medium-thick consistency
     ◉ Does not run off and does not flood the cuticles
     ◉ It has self-leveling properties
     ◉ Perfect adhesion to the base
     ◉ Large selection of shades and effects
     ◉ A flat, classic brush
   Curing time :

LED 30-60 sec,
UV - 120 sec,

Capacity : 8ml

€9.00 (VAT incl.) €9.00 (VAT excl.)
VAT included

Gel Polish application :

     ◉ Prepare the natural nail plate: shape it, slightly matt it, clean it and degrease it.
     ◉ Apply Tape Bond and wait about 30 seconds.*
     ◉ Apply a layer of Gel Polish Base Soak Off, cure 30-60 seconds.
     ◉ Apply 2 layers of Gel Polish Color, cure each of them for 30-60 seconds.
     ◉ Apply Gel Polish Top Soak Off and cure for 60 seconds.
     ◉ Wipe the styling with the alcohol-based Cleaner Finish Manicure.

     ◉ In the case of a difficult plate, use Acid Primer.

Welcome to the world of Victoria Vynn

An international cosmetic brand created primarily for women ... whose goal is to give you the joy of being beautiful.

Popular hybrid varnishes are an indispensable element of nail styling of most women in the world. We follow the latest trends, drawing from the world of fashion. Thanks to this, we create unique collections for nail designing and care.

We recommend Victoria Vynn's offer for beauty salons, SPA facilities and demanding clients. In the product portfolio, the brand has a wide range of colors of hybrid varnishes, building gels, building bases, acrylic-gels, various decorative products, a wide selection of classic varnishes, products for the regeneration and care of hands and nails.

Welcome to the world of Victoria Vynn.

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