505 UV Gel Polish 8ml Makear
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505 UV Gel Polish 8ml Makear

505 UV Gel Polish 8ml Makear

HEMAFREE product

Gel Polish by MAKEAR is a guarantee of durability and reliability. Creamy consistency, high pigmentation as well as perfectly shaped brush make your work easier and faster. Having over 300 colours in our offer, we are sure that we can satisfy many customers.

     ◉ Self-levelling;
     ◉ Strong pigmentation - excellent coverage;
     ◉ Creamy, medium-thick consistency;
     ◉ Gel durability - several weeks of effect;
     ◉ Colors do not leave streaks;
     ◉ Perfectly shaped brush;
     ◉ Real color visible on the cap
     ◉ The varnish is packed in a cardboard box, which ensures safety during transport

     LED lamp min. 48W - 1min.
     UV lamp 36W - 2min.

     Capacity: 8ml,

€9.99 (VAT incl.) €9.99 (VAT excl.)
VAT included

     MAKEAR ™ is a brand that constantly surprises its customers, thanks to which it has become a leader in innovation.
     MAKEAR ™ varnishes are made of the highest quality components to meet the expectations of the most demanding customers.
     Deep color saturation, a wide and varied range of colors and durability have made Makear a leader among the existing brands.

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