Claresa Rubber Gel 3 -12g
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Claresa Rubber Gel 3 -12g

Claresa Rubber Gel 3 -12g

Do you have problems with the durability of your styling and need a product that will allow you to create a truly resistant and durable manicure? Or maybe you are looking for a formula that is incredibly easy and pleasant to work with?

Rubber Gel from Claresa is a product with unique properties. Its formula is thick and resistant to ambient temperature, making it perfect for nail construction and plate extension. You can be sure that even on hot days the gel will behave the same and you will build a perfect skeleton every time. Rubber Gel is also characterized by thixotropy (i.e. liquid memory), which means that when applied to the nail, it does not flow onto the cuticles. When working with a brush, the mass levels perfectly, allowing even beginners to distribute the product evenly. The gel covers and corrects nail imperfections, so it can be used alone, without the use of hybrid varnish. All you need is a base and a top. The palette of cover nude shades will certainly appeal to fans of natural styling.

Rubber Gel requires the use of a priming base, Bonding Base for Gel will be perfect for this purpose.


     2 ‒ warm light pink
     3 ‒ medium cool pink
     4 ‒ medium raspberry pink
     5 - medium pink, violet
     6 - medium warm pink with a touch of beige


     ◉ thick consistency
     ◉ thixotropy – formula with liquid memory
     ◉ resistance to ambient temperature
     ◉ formula that levels when worked with a brush
     ◉ trouble-free application, without dripping onto the cuticles
     ◉ palette of nude shades to choose from

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VAT included


1. Prepare the nail plate: matt it, clean it of dust and degrease it using a cleaner or dehydrator.
2. Place the template under the selected nail shape or adjust the size of the dual form.
3. Then you can additionally use an acid-free primer or Ultra Tape primer to increase adhesion to the nail plate.
4. Apply a thin layer of base under the gel, e.g. Bonding Base for Gel. You can do it using the rubbing technique, filling the gaps in the nail plate. Then cure the base in the lamp according to the indicated curing time.
5. Apply Rubber Gel.


Build the skeleton of the nails, cure it in the lamp, wipe the dispersion layer and file the skeleton shape. Then apply a building layer of Rubber Gel and smooth the surface with a thin brush. Cure in a UV/LED lamp. Wipe the dispersion layer and file your nails.

Dual Mold:

Place the gel in a dual form and imprint the form on the nail. Cure in the lamp. Remove the form and prepare your nails with a file.

6. Apply hybrid varnish (optional) and top coat. Cure each nail in the lamp.

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