Pure Creamy Hybrid No. 252 Thunder 8 ml VICTORIA VYNN
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Pure Creamy Hybrid No. 252 Thunder 8 ml VICTORIA VYNN

Pure Creamy Hybrid No. 252 Thunder 8 ml VICTORIA VYNN

COLOR : Thunder charming, girlish lilac.

A seductive palette of colors of nature coming to life. This is the latest AWAKENING collection of pastel, creamy hybrid nail polishes from VICTORIA VYNN. An extremely sensual and full of spring freshness proposition of 12 shades of PURE CREAMY HYBRID.

Subdued, cool blue, lavender purple, whitened pink, "butter yellow" - these are just some of the colors of this extraordinary collection. However, its star is undoubtedly No. 254 Sunset Sky - the color of the year 2024. PURE AWAKENING surprises with the amount of positive energy it will bring to spring manicures.

Creamy hybrid varnishes Pure Creamy Hybrid - created in a modern, safe formula with high durability up to 4 weeks. The colors of Pure hybrid varnishes are created based on the trends and needs of our clients to emphasize the beauty of their hands.

100% satisfaction with the first applied and hardened layer.
Pure hybrid varnishes are designed to be cured in an LED lamp.


     ◉ creamy texture
     ◉ safe for health
     ◉ non-aggressive formula, no irritating smell
     ◉ only for curing in LED lamp
     ◉ self-leveling
     ◉ Glass Nails effect after applying Pure Creamy Hybrid Top
     ◉ flat brush, bristles and its length designed for the PURE formula

Capacity : 8ml

€9.00 (VAT incl.) €9.00 (VAT excl.)
VAT included

How to use?
Pure Creamy Hybrid application       

     ◉ Prepare the natural nail plate: shape it, lightly matt it, clean it and degrease it.*
     ◉ Apply a thin layer of Pure Creamy Hybrid Base, cure 30 sec.
     ◉ Apply 2 thin layers of Pure Creamy Hybrid Color, cure each layer for 30-60 seconds.
     ◉ Apply Pure Creamy Hybrid Top and cure 60 sec.
     ◉ Wipe the styling with an alcohol-based liquid - Duo Prep.

* For longer durability, use Tape Bond.

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