Skin serum mycoVerrum 15ml PHARM FOOT
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Skin serum mycoVerrum 15ml PHARM FOOT

Skin serum mycoVerrum 15ml PHARM FOOT

mycoVerrum - Serum for problematic skin with ozonated olive oil and herbs

Product for professional and home use.

Active ingredients:

   ◉ Ozonated olive oil
   ◉ Celandine
   ◉ Thuja oil
   ◉ Hemp oil
   ◉ Rosemary oil
   ◉ Lavender oil
   ◉ Oregano oil
   ◉ Tea tree oil
   ◉ Eucalyptus oil
   ◉ Almond oil
   ◉ Castor oil
   ◉ Precursor of vit. D3


   ◉ specialist serum for problematic skin of the feet, hands and nail apparatus
   ◉ supportive in problems with mycosis
   ◉ for care of the area after wart removal
   ◉ also recommended for diabetics

€11.50 (VAT incl.) €11.50 (VAT excl.)
VAT included


   ◉ has a strong regenerating effect
   ◉ improves the condition and strengthens the skin
   ◉ supports antifungal and antiviral therapies
   ◉ has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties

How to use:

   ◉ apply 1-2 times a day to problematic skin or according to the recommendations of a podiatrist

Capacity: 15ml

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