MollyLac Glamour Effect Purple Nail Powder 1g No. 4
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MollyLac Glamour Effect Purple Nail Powder 1g No. 4

MollyLac Glamour Effect Purple Nail Powder 1g No. 4

Purple - A colour that will add an unimaginable dimension of interpenetrating purple and pink to your styling. An original shine for lovers of intriguing reflections.

A timeless effect that will delicately transform your styling into a shimmering, pearl surface in your favourite colour - silver, gold or fiery! The latest collection of tiny powders in a delicate shade is an absolute hit - if you like an effect that is universal and matches everything - Glamour Effect is just for you. Give the classic a bit of extravagance and let your imagination run wild.

The collection of powders looks best on light, pastel colours, as well as all kinds of beiges and greys. By using it on such colours, we will obtain a very delicate shine depending on the powder - silver gold or red-pink. It should be remembered that the darker the base colour, the more visible the glow will be and the effect will be even more expressive!

Bet on the global trend in nail styling - your nails have never shone so much! It is now so easy to create an incredible manicure in just a few moments.

The application of the dust is incredibly simple - just rub a little bit of the product into a hardened top coat without dispersion, e.g. Mirror Top, and then secure the rubbed dust on the nail with another layer of Top.

Capacity: net weight of the dust approx. 1 g, dust packed in a 3 ml jar

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