Glamour Effect Fire Nail Dust 1g No. 3
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Glamour Effect Fire Nail Dust 1g No. 3

Glamour Effect Fire Nail Dust 1g No. 3

A timeless effect that will delicately transform your styling into a shimmering, pearl surface! The collection of tiny dusts in a delicate shade is an absolute hit - if you like an effect that is universal and matches everything - Glamour Effect is just for you. Give the classic a bit of extravagance and let your imagination run wild.

How to use:

   1. Create any hybrid, gel, acrylic, acrylic gel styling.
   2. Apply the dust to any top.
   3. If you want to get the effect of a smooth surface, rub the dust into the selected no-wipe top, we dedicate Mirror Top.
   4. If you want to get a stronger effect, pat it gently into the Top with a dispersion layer, we dedicate Top 3D Expert.
   5. Use a silicone sponge/brush or sponge for this.
   6. Use a dust brush to gently remove excess product.
   7. Re-cover the nail with the selected top coat, remembering to carefully secure the free edge of the nail.
   8. Cure in the lamp.
   9. Done! Enjoy your beautiful styling!

Capacity: net weight of dust 1 g, dust packed in a 3 ml jar.

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