Semilac Semi Hardi White - building 7 ml
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  • Semilac Semi Hardi White - building 7 ml

Semilac Semi Hardi White - building 7 ml

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Semilac Semi Hardi White - building 7 ml

A building hybrid gel with soft gel properties. Perfect for a weak and damaged tile. You can extend it and build up the nail plate. The plastic consistency of the product makes the application simple and pleasant. Thanks to it, every woman can enjoy long nails

Semilac Semi Hardi White - building 7 ml

Building hybrid varnish with a white and intense color, perfectly enhances the saturation of the successively imposed layers of colors.

All SemiHardi products have a thick consistency and are highly pigmented. Before each use of the product, we recommend mixing it very well. Specially selected ingredients ensure perfect elongation and protection of the nail plate.

1) Enables effective rebuilding of the nail plate
2) Has the properties of a soft, transparent gel
3) Leader in the cosmetics market
4) Rebuilds the damaged nail plate
5) Protects the nail plate


1) Rub the painted nail plate with Nail Cleaner (degreaser)
2) We apply the template
3) Apply a thin layer of Semilac Base and cure in a lamp
4) Then we apply Semilac Hard and extend the nails on the mold by 1-5 mm, harden in the LED lamp
5) To give the nails a beautiful shine, apply as the last layer of polishing, Semilac Top and harden in the lamp
6) We wash the dispersion layer of Nail Cleaner (degreaser)

Capacity: 7ml

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