Primer Acid Free Semilac  7 ml
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Primer Acid Free Semilac 7 ml

Primer Acid Free Semilac 7 ml

The acid-free Semilac Primer for degreasing nails increases the adhesion of the base and improves the durability of the manicure on problematic nail plates.

Nail Primer Acid Free  is one of the most important formulations affecting the durability of both  hybrid, gel and acrylic styling. It degreases the nail plate and changes its pH, which significantly increases the adhesion of the base and affects the durability of the whole stylization. It prevents intrusion and helps to solve problems with durability, even in the case of problematic tiles.

We can distinguish two types of primer - acidic primer and Acid free primer. What's different? When and how to use them? In today's post we will try to dispel any doubts.

It should be applied after preparing the tile and degreasing it. Then use a brush to apply a drop to the center of the plate and wait until the product spills over its area by itself, trying to avoid contact with the skin. It can be used under gels, acrylics and hybrids. The preparation must self dry before applying the next coat. After its application, the applied cosmetic lasts longer. Store it at room temperature.

Apply Primer only on the natural nail plate, avoiding the skin area.

Acid Primer: we apply 1-2 small droplets on the nail. The preparation should disperse itself on the plate. We wait until the product is completely evaporated from the plate

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