Semilac Silicone Brush  01
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Semilac Silicone Brush 01

The tool is finished with two flexible tips: a straight triangular end cut and a round cone.

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Semilac Silicone Brush # 01

SCIENTICALLY CUTTING TRIANGULESS TIP - sculpting in plasticine (forming, bending elements), knife alternative, modeling of french lines, creating decorations (drawing eg perfect lines), application of pollen, after soaking in a clean or acetone cleaning of skins from excess hybrids, gel or pollen .

ROUND COPY - sculpting in plasticine (forming, bending elements), pressing various elements (eg foil, ornaments) to the nail plate, applying gels, application of pollen, removing the skins, after being soaked in a cleaner or acetone cleaning the skins from excess hybrid, gel or pollen.

* two-sided
* one side is truncated and the other is round
* for painting geometric shapes
* for pressing elements
* for applying pollen

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