Buffer halfmoon 100/180 PREMIUM Aba Group
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Buffer halfmoon 100/180 PREMIUM Aba Group

 Buffer halfmoon 100/180 PREMIUM Aba Group

Professional double-sided polisher for preparing and smoothing the surface of nails. The foam polisher is reinforced with a plastic insert to ensure precision and stability of the work performed. It is perfect for matting the natural nail plate as well as for smoothing out irregularities resulting from the application of gel or acrylic mass. Appropriate softness and flexibility favors comfortable work while maintaining safety (it does not hurt the earwig).

Advantages of the polisher:

  Perfect for finishing acrylic or gel mass
You will mat your nails quickly
You can easily prepare your nails for further treatments
Universal and ergonomic shape
Made of the highest quality materials

Gradation: 100/180

€2.90 (VAT incl.) €2.90 (VAT excl.)
VAT included
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