008 Bit  Semilac diamond micro roller
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008 Bit Semilac diamond micro roller

008 Bit  Semilac diamond micro roller

A professional diamond cutter, designed to clean and smooth the nail plate. The cutter allows you to quickly and conveniently prepare a natural plate for classic, hybrid or gel manicure.

Stem size: 2.35mm (3/32 ").

€7.49 (VAT incl.) €7.49 (VAT excl.)
VAT included

Thanks to the specific shape of the cuts, it allows:

* perfectly remove 100% of the epithelium in a completely non-invasive way - without a trace of activity on the nail plate. DOES NOT MATT IT WHILE WORKING. As a result, work is much cleaner - and therefore faster.
* we perfectly remove epithelium and imperfections on proximal and lateral folds at the lowest possible speed (1-5,000 turns). Thanks to this, the work is absolutely non-invasive.
* perfectly remove the epithelium from the nail in a super fast pace: 10-20 seconds per nail
* perfectly mill calluses (also at low speed (4-6,000)
* excludes empty runs and shortens working time thanks to two-sided movements

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