Pure Creamy Hybrid No. 183 Flamingo Coctail 8 ml  Victoria Vynn
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Pure Creamy Hybrid No. 183 Flamingo Coctail 8 ml Victoria Vynn

Pure Creamy Hybrid No. 183 Flamingo Coctail 8 ml  Victoria Vynn

COLOR : The inspiration to create a beautiful, warm pink Flamingo Coctail was a phenomenal, exotic flamingo.

Creamy hybrid varnishes Pure Creamy Hybrid - created in a modern, safe formula with high durability up to 4 weeks. The colors of Pure hybrid varnishes are created based on the trends and needs of our clients to emphasize the beauty of their hands.

100% satisfaction with the first applied and hardened layer.
Pure hybrid varnishes are designed to be cured in an LED lamp.


     ◉ creamy texture
     ◉ safe for health
     ◉ non-aggressive formula, no irritating smell
     ◉ only for curing in LED lamp
     ◉ self-leveling
     ◉ Glass Nails effect after applying Pure Creamy Hybrid Top
     ◉ flat brush, bristles and its length designed for the PURE formula

Capacity : 8ml

€9.00 (VAT incl.) €9.00 (VAT excl.)
VAT included

How to use?
Pure Creamy Hybrid application

     ◉ Prepare the natural nail plate: shape it, lightly matt it, clean it and degrease it.*
     ◉ Apply a thin layer of Pure Creamy Hybrid Base, cure 30 sec.
     ◉ Apply 2 thin layers of Pure Creamy Hybrid Color, cure each layer for 30-60 seconds.
     ◉ Apply Pure Creamy Hybrid Top and cure 60 sec.
     ◉ Wipe the styling with an alcohol-based liquid - Duo Prep.

* For longer durability, use Tape Bond.

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