Nail file 180/240 HALF MOON STANDARD FLAMINGI Aba Group
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Nail file 180/240 HALF MOON STANDARD FLAMINGI Aba Group

Nail file 180/240 HALF MOON STANDARD FLAMINGI Aba Group 

Product specification :

Shape : HALF MOON .
Gradation : 180/240 .
Thickness : STANDARD.
Version : Without packaging .

Nail file Aba Group HALF MOON 180/240 STANDARD FLAMINGI gradation dedicated to hard-to-reach places and for professional use. The file is intended for natural and artificial nails, with gel and acrylic mass. Recommended for treatments that require effective and safe filing, shortening of nails, or for initial nail treatment.

180 is the most popular choice among stylists. The most versatile gradation will be successfully used for shortening nails, filing and developing the hybrid mass, as well as for leveling the gel mass.
240 is the smallest gradation, recommended for the natural nail plate. It will gently smooth the free edge of the nail and give it the final shape, without fear of splitting the nail plate. In addition, it can be used as a polisher to dull the nail just before applying products.

€0.60 (VAT incl.) €0.60 (VAT excl.)
VAT included

We produce Aba Group files from the highest quality materials coming exclusively from the EU. We use non-toxic, dermatologically tested adhesives for production. We coat our files with stearate, which prevents the file from "clogging up" during operation.
All our abrasive products are marked with the CE mark, which means that they meet all the requirements of EU directives, as well as that they have undergone appropriate conformity assessment procedures, which ended with a positive assessment. They do not show irritating or sensitizing properties. this has been laboratory  tested and confirmed by a dermatological report.
Our files have the following certificates:
European Safety Certificate.
Certificate - European guarantee of the highest quality.
Certificate - European quality leader.

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