Palu Pro Light Builder Clear - 12g
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Palu Pro Light Builder Clear - 12g

Palu Pro Light Builder Clear - 12g

PRO LIGHT BUILDER GEL is a multifunctional gel designed for salon, professional use. A special formula developed based on the experience of stylists to speed up and facilitate everyday work. Thixotropy combined with the best self-leveling properties guarantees a perfect, non-saging drop.

PRO LIGHT BUILDER GEL has a low polymerization temperature, minimizing the burning effect in the lamp. The gel has a linear molecular structure, and its perfectly selected consistency, viscosity and density of the gel affect the quality of work. The modern formula was created to enable the use of the "gel without filing" technique, to protect the extended nail tunnel against expansion and to shorten the service time to a minimum. Especially recommended for quick additions and styling corrections.

PRO LIGHT BUILDER GEL is a gel that has the properties of a base, building and glossing product. In its structure, it contains adhesive substances that increase adhesion to the natural nail plate, building and glossing substances. To achieve the optimal adhesion effect with thin, problematic tiles, it is worth using a polish from any Palu base.

The precisely adjusted viscosity of the gel guarantees that the consistency is medium-thick and quickly spreads on the nail. The gel with this viscosity leaves the brush well. The gel is durable, scratch-resistant and has a high, long-lasting shine.

PRO LIGHT BUILDER GEL is available in 5 carefully selected colors:

     ◉ CLEAR - transparent;
     ◉ NEUTRAL - neutral, matched to the natural color of the skin, provides 90% coverage;
     ◉ CLASSIC COVER - classic, the most popular color of the covering gel, provides 90% coverage;
     ◉ POWDER PINK - very feminine, subtle pink shade, provides 90% coverage.
     ◉ PRINCESS PINK - a girlish, light shade of pink with a glittery-pearl effect, provides 90% coverage.

Main features :

     ◉ Self-levelling;
     ◉ With thixotropy;
     ◉ Multifunctional;
     ◉ With intense gloss, durability and scratch resistance;
     ◉ Acid free;
     ◉ Makes work faster and easier;
     ◉ Tunnel clamping after 5-8 sec. In the UV LED lamp;
     ◉ Curing: 60s UV LED lamp.

Capacity : 12g

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