DUST Metallic Copper / 0.5g  Victoria Vynn
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DUST Metallic Copper / 0.5g Victoria Vynn

DUST Metallic Copper / 0.5g  Victoria Vynn

COLOR : metallic, copper .

Decoration powders. Depending on the expected final effect, they can be rubbed into the dispersion layer of the hybrid varnish or sprinkled on the uncured top.

Depending on the effect you want to achieve, you can cover the pollen with a top coat with a different finish. A glossy top will provide a mirror surface, while a matte one will create a metallic effect.


     ◉ Consistency: loose
     ◉ Usage: artistic decoration
     ◉ Effect: metallic powders dazzle with the shine of a mirror surface; opalescent changes every color of hybrid varnish, semi-transparent white provides a "wet look"


     ◉ Very efficient product
     ◉ Easy to work with the product
     ◉ Fast and original decoration


     ◉ acetone, file, milling machine

How to use?
DUST app

     ◉ Make a hybrid, gel or acrylic-gel styling, apply any color.
     ◉ Apply Top No Wipe Gloss.
     ◉ Cure 30 sec.
     ◉ Rub the pollen immediately into the still warm, cured Top No Wipe Gloss.
     ◉ Secure the styling with Top and cure.

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