BASE BUILD GEL Victoria Vynn 15m
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BASE BUILD GEL Victoria Vynn 15m

BASE BUILD GEL Victoria Vynn 15m

Gel base dedicated to the BUILD GEL system. Increases durability and adhesion of gel styling. Cured in a UV and LED lamp.
   ◉ aligns the nail plate
   ◉ increases the adhesion of the builder gel
   ◉ extends styling durability

Base for building gel VICTORIA VYNN with a gel consistency, in a practical package with a brush, increases the adhesion of subsequent layers of gel, smoothes the nail plate, extends the durability of the styling.

The product is cured under a UV or LED lamp. Apply the base on the previously prepared nail plate. It is a product necessary for styling.

Curing time :

48W LED lamp: 60 sec.,
36W UV lamp: 120 sec.

Capacity : 15 ml

 Directions for use :

Using a brush, spread a layer of the base on the cleaned and matted nail plate. Cure under a UV-LED lamp.

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