GT02 - Geltix ,,liquid memory'' gel Secret Pink 15ml MAKEAR
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GT02 - Geltix ,,liquid memory'' gel Secret Pink 15ml MAKEAR

GT02 - Geltix ,,liquid memory'' gel Secret Pink 15ml MAKEAR

     Builder gel with thixotropy or "liquid memory"

       ◉ does not flow onto the cuticles
       ◉ creates a perfect line of light
       ◉ makes work easier and faster
       ◉ recommended for people who perform manicures without filing


Get full gel control with Geltix from Makear!

Thixotropy is what characterizes our builder gel. This is the so-called "liquid memory", thanks to which the product works perfectly with the brush and spreads through our touch - only where we want it.

During the movements of the brush, the gel turns from thick to medium thick, which makes it easy to spread, when we stop working with the brush, its structure changes and remains in the place where we spread it. All this means that Geltix does not flow onto the cuticles, and when properly applied, it creates a perfect line of light on the nail, without your interference.

It is an ideal product for people working with the technique without sawing and those who perform construction french.

Compared to other thixotropic gels, the gel has a thick gel consistency, without the characteristic lumps for this type of product

€15.00 (VAT incl.) €15.00 (VAT excl.)
VAT included


             ◉ Three-phase
             ◉ Thick, with variable consistency
             ◉ Thixotropy technology used
             ◉ Medium elastic
             ◉ Opaque
             ◉ Tunnel clamping: 10-15 sec.,


        ◉ No-sawing technique
        ◉ Nail extensions on a template
        ◉ Strengthening the natural plate
        ◉ Superstructure

         LED lamp min. 48W - 1min.
         UV lamp 36W - 2min.

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