003 Bit Semilac small carbide cone
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003 Bit Semilac small carbide cone

003 Bit Semilac small carbide cone

A small cone-shaped cemented carbide cutter will help in removing the gel mass, processing it and shortening the nails.

Do you need a small and precise tool to work with gel styling?

Here is our small cone, thanks to which you will quickly and easily get rid of excess mass or all of it.

It is made of sintered carbide, which guarantees unprecedented durability.

Many hours of joint work and sterilization await you without the risk of premature wear or damage to the tool!

Professional, delicate cutter made of sintered carbides , designed to remove gel mass, shorten and prepare nails.

The cutter is especially recommended for novice stylists who are just starting their adventure with developing nails using a milling machine.

Stem size: 2.35mm (3/32 ").

€24.99 (VAT incl.) €24.99 (VAT excl.)
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