Aba Group Professional ACID-FREE Primer 15 m
Aba Group Professional ACID-FREE Primer 15 m ( A large bottle ) 
Professional Acid-Free Primer Aba Group - which increases the adhesion of acrylic or gel mass to the natural nail plate.
Characteristic :  ◉  increases styling adhesion,  ◉  safe for the natural nail plate,  ◉  precise application with a brush,  ◉  does not contain MAA (Methacrylic acid).Directions for use :
Apply the preparation on the clean nail plate, before styling with the selected gel or acrylic material. Wait about 30 seconds for the product to evaporate. On the basis of the remaining sticky mass, start building a styling.
AttentionThe preparation may cause irritation to the eyes, skin and respiratory system. In case of irritation - rinse with plenty of water and consult a doctor.
Store in a dry, cool place. Protect against sunlight. Keep away from children.
The product is for professional use only.