Nail Dust Collector NDC Mobile Afinia
Nail Dust Collector NDC Mobile Afinia
For training, home, for a trip or ... any other occasion in which you need it !MOBILE Dust Collector Afinia NDC is your pocket helper. It will be perfect for trainings or competitions and will not take up much space. It is light, very ergonomic, and with the efficiency comparable to the NDC 1000 filter it can handle dust.
After the work day is over, just clean the filter a bit, rinse it with a cleaner and it's ready !
MOBILE Dust Collector can also be used for pedicure treatments .
✓ High-quality professional portable dust extractor
✓ The device is made of white HIPS polystyrene
✓ Device dimensions: 360 x 302 x 92 mm (length x width x height)
✓ Weight of the device: 2.3 kg ✓ Power: 50W
✓ Dust absorption capacity: 230 m³ / h
✓ Warranty period: 2 years
Nail Dust Collector Afinia NDC 1000
Nail Dust Collector Afinia NDC 1000
The Afinia NDC 1000 dust collector is mounted under the top of the cosmetic table, thanks to which we gain more space at the workplace Did you know that dust from nail milling can contain numerous bacteria and viruses, and the sediment itself remains in the air for up to 30 minutes? These facts can be shocking ... after all, a beauty salon seems to be a place without risks. We associate the styling treatment with pleasure, a moment of rest - and this is how it should always be. Eliminate the problem of dust in the office and take care of your health and that of Afinia's clients
And empty the dust box after each day! Thanks to these two steps, you will be sure that the absorber is 100% functional. The basis of the operation of our device is a filter that ensures that the sediment formed during nail plate styling remains inside the absorber. In addition, our carbon cassette absorbs odors, which improves the comfort and aesthetics of work!
– High quality professional Nail Dust Collector NDC 1000– Device made from white HIPS polystyrene– Dimensions of the device: 700 x 335 x 95 mm (length x width x height)– Weight of the device: 3,4 kg– Absorption power: 270 m3/h– Power consumption: 100 W– Warranty period: 2 years
Nail Dust Collector AFINIA NDC 2000
Nail Dust Collector AFINIA NDC 2000    ✓ High-quality professional dust collector    ✓ The device is made of white HIPS polystyrene    ✓ Removable filter    ✓ Grille diameter: 169 mm      Included :       -ventilation grille (identical for NDC 1000 and NDC 2000)    - polyester filter    -mounting materials
Device dimensions :       ✓ 524 x 347 x 124mm (length x width x height)    ✓ Device weight: 4 kg    ✓ Dust absorption capacity: 300 m³ / h    ✓ Power consumption: 100 W    ✓ Warranty period: 2 years
Shadowless LED cosmetic lamp Afinia Flexi
Shadowless LED cosmetic lamp Afinia Flexi
The problem of underexposure of the hand during the procedure?Bothersome shadows, unsightly styling photos?Each of these problems can be solved by the Afinia Flexi shadow-free LED cosmetic lamp!Our latest FLEXI lamp is a practical option for accurate lighting of a cosmetic desk.With her, you can make styling precisely and comfortably, and the possibility of matching the lamp will also make it easier for you to take beautiful photos of styling!
✓ 58 cm long panel, equipped with 117 LED points and a switch that also serves to adjust the light intensity.✓ 4 light intensity modes: 100, 75, 50, 25%✓ LED points at the level of 5600 ≈ 6000 k✓ The arm, adjustable in 2 places, will allow you to direct the light according to individual needs.✓ The lamp is attached to the table top with the clamp included in the set.✓ power (W): 24W (117 LED points)✓ input voltage (VAC): 100-240V✓ operating voltage (VDC): 27.5V✓ lux lighting (lux / 40cm): 2480 Lux✓ luminous flux (lumen): 2200lm✓ Correlated Color Temperature (CCT): 5500k ~ 6000k✓ color rendering index (CRI): RA> 80✓ energy efficiency class: A✓ material: PS + ABS + IRON✓ type of power supply: mains adapter✓ working temperature (C °): -5 ° C ~ 40 ° C✓ service life: about 30,000 hours
Electric nail drill MARATHON 3 CHAMPION WHITE
Electric nail drill MARATHON 3 CHAMPION WHITE
Electric drill MARATHON 3 CHAMPION  is a professional cosmetic device, which is designed to facilitate and improve, and as a result, speed up the work of nail stylist.
The MARATHON 3 CHAMPION professional milling machine is intended primarily for work in beauty salons, but also for home use. Small dimensions and intuitive operation make working on it a real pleasure.
  ✓ A professional electric drill designed to work in beauty salons  ✓ Base dimensions: 156 x 118 x x 78 mm (length x width x height)  ✓ Base weight: 1.25 kg  ✓ Power consumption: 45 W  ✓ Input voltage: 110 - 220 V  ✓ Warranty period: 12 months