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Regenerating and soothing mask with microsilver Silver reNovator 400ml PHARM FOOT
Regenerating and soothing mask with microsilver Silver reNovator 400ml  PHARM FOOT
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LINE : MICROSILVERFOR PROFESSIONAL USERECOMMENDATIONS :    ◉ cream mask regenerating the skin    ◉ recommended for skin with a disturbed microbiome balance    ◉ also for diabetics
ACTION :    ◉ stimulates skin regeneration    ◉ has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties    ◉ protects against harmful external factors    ◉ prevents unpleasant odors and leaves feet refreshedHOW TO USE :    ◉ put a mask on your feet    ◉ massage and leave to absorb400 ml - 150 treatmentsACTIVE INGREDIENTS :    ◉ Micro silver    ◉ Allantoin    ◉ Shea butter    ◉ Grapefruit extract    ◉ ClimbazoleOUR EXPERT ADVISESFor a stronger regeneration effect, you can use it under the occlusion.Recommended for continuing home care.The product has passed the in vivo tests for antibacterial and antifungal activity.